Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Superheros : Fast Food

This was done as a team with Lee Peffer. He did drew the awesome one "Ronald and Fiends" and brainstormed most of ideas.

Monday, November 15, 2010

JOurnal Comic emotions?

Well we were at Walmart and we decided to play a game of eating weird foods.
Oh and this was my first attempt at using a cintiq I rather like it maybe I will use it again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I really should do some real blogging

So I'm not much of a blogger and this is really for class, but I would like to keep this blog up so that I can start networking as an animator. Anyways, right now I'm really just procrastinating from doing my modeling in Maya. I really do not see myself modeling in Maya for a living. My true passion is claymation and stop motion animation. Not only do I enjoy watching it, I enjoy making it. The part I'm truly passionate about is the actual production and creation of the puppets and props. I could seriously just make claymation puppets for the rest of my life and be happy. I don't get to take claymation until next semester, I've only gotten a small taste of it during animation 1. Animation 3 will be awesome, especially since Steve Leeper is teaching it. I'm really inspired as an animator right now, since Phil Vischer was visiting Huntington University (I just so happen to go there). His story was truly inspiring and I highly suggest that if you have a dream that was "given" by God that you read his book "Me, Myself, and Bob" or hear him speak. This isn't because he will tell you all those motivational self esteem rising lies of go follow it or any dream is possible. It's because he will show you the the hard reality that your just clinging to an obsession that can lead to your downfall. He gives you a reality check and makes you think about why you are doing what your doing. He urges to not try to worry too much about the future and to be more like a Jellyfish following the flow (hence why his new studio is Jellyfish Labs). So anyways enough name dropping for now. I hope to continue with some more blogs sometime, but now I really should get to that Maya work.