Thursday, June 20, 2013

Come Back Little Sheba Costume Design : Doc

From the Come Back Little Sheba Costume Design I have the series of designs for the character Doc.  The play is set in the 1940's Midwest.

Doc is a man who is a recovering alcoholic, who lost everything business wise but has a small chiropractic practice. He is haunted by his past since his wife Lola keeps bringing it up. He regrets so much and just wants to forget everything.
He is very routine oriented and is very businessman like and formal. I have him costumed in a suit, which since he doesn't have much money he wears everyday.


He is later so stressed he turns back to his old habits of drinking. He is no longer the well put together and clean man. 

The last scene Doc has been released from treatment at the hospital for his drinking spree. Here he is still broken and disheveled. He is now the weak and disorganized one in the marriage.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Come Back Little Sheba Costume Design : Lola

I designed for the play Come Back Little Sheba for my Costume Design final project.
There are three main characters: Lola, Doc, and Marie.

Lola is a tired old house wife stuck in the past and trying to just make it through the day. She really doesn't do much and is always looking for someone to distract her from doing work.
She starts out in a costume described as a lumpy kimono and dirty comfies.

She progressively gets put together throughout the play.



When she cooks for the young couple she is at her highest moment in the whole play.


Her last costume is the most structured and put together one, showing she now is the the strong one in the relationship.