Thursday, April 26, 2012

Illustration Friday: Heights

Time for a Illustration Friday and Common Ground Mashup.
I'm working on the poster of my film and started splicing the pan up shot together to get one image. Ironically this tied into Common Ground so here it is the heights of the Common Ground city.

Super Hero Cards

For inspirational design we drew two words and were given the assignment to make super hero cards. I drew Xeno Niblets. So here is what I came up with.

Behind the Scenes at Common Ground: Animation Complete!!!!!!

So we just wrapped on our final shot for Common Ground earlier today. Well I guess it's yesterday now since it is past midnight now. I've kinda fallen back on the blog post lately since I've been focusing on getting these last few shots done. So I'll be adding the photos from the past couple of shots.

Working on edging pieces

the building with the edging

The shape of the bus by Matthew Weener and I've started on carving out the windows

my graffiti and trash can

Awning (for some reason the whole time I worked on it I couldn't think of this word)

The bus all finished

ready to shoot shot 4

Diann Malcolm painting my firetruck

The finished firetruck

Shot 13 in progress

The beginnings of the fire scene

Darkening the thomas cole painting

the painting looks so interesting this way

Debris and ash on the steps

I think the firetruck is slacking off

The painting burned

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Illustration Friday : Puzzled

Stained Glass puzzle piece.
Did you know that there is nanotechnology involved with stained glass. The elements that are put in with the glass are finely crushed into to different sizes of nano particles to create different colors. What is so puzzling is that this was a popular art form in the medieval times before we knew anything about nano particles.
 I just recently found out about the mix brush tool in photoshop and wanted to get some practice with this piece.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Common Ground : Shot 4 / Shot 10

This week I learned I'm not really a graffiti artist and finalized the wide shot sets.

edge pieces

edgers on the building

Bus base

graffiti and trash can


Behind the Scenes at Common Ground : Shot 6

This shot is our longest one to do. Mike spent a couple days animating this one.
Butch in the dumpster

I made a bag of trash. Filled with real trash from building sets.

The trash pile

Animation station setup

baby chicks came to visit

Mike working on the shot