Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jurassic Tea

So the tea was a success for the most part. My table only sold 2 tickets and I bought one of those. Then the person who bought the other ticket couldn't come till later, but it worked out because two very nice ladies came to the day of the tea. My table only had four settings instead of the original 8 to save room for moving around. This made it hard for my table to have a centerpiece and was a little more cozy. Because of this I put all my toy dinosaurs on the wainscoting on the wall next to the table.

Rusty was our fourth guest until we gained two.

I saw someone do this online so I made one two. The cookies are snickerdoodles. The secret to get the correct footprints is to stamp the toy dinosaur's foot in while the cookies are still hot when they come out of the oven.

All of the dishware turned out fantastic. They were done using clear waterslide decals that I bought online. I would use these for anything I want done custom.

Special thanks to Diann for this awesome birthday gift.

This was a lime keeper at one time. The eggs inside are key lime pie bites from Walgreens.

Good old iron-ons make custom fabric easy. Also I was very dissapointed with the lack of dinosaur fabric at craft stores.

When I washed the dishes these were the only ones I lost the decal on. I didn't have time to spray my dishes with clear coat and let them air out before the tea. Also, they soaked too long in water.

Oh look dinosaur poop.

The menu and ticket to the event.

Clever Girl!

Because my table was smaller than the table cloth in order to get it to fit right, we had to tie a knot with the excess fabric. So I decided a pterdacytl needed to be stuck into the knot for decoration.

This food was amazing!

This is the coolest teapot I have ever seen. The Tea Rex was a christmas gift from Michele.

This was the party favor I gave out at the end of the tea.

I had fun and hope to do this again next year. Hopefully next year I can do a table with 8 settings. Michele helped out a bit too, and took many of the pictures towards the end.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cootie Catcher

So yes I haven't posted in awhile again, but I have been making things both in and out of work. Coming up this weekend is the literary tea which I am hosting the Jurassic Park table. So I will be posting some of my creations for that here. In the mean time I would like to share the cootie catcher I made for one of our Teen Nights. It wasn't my original idea a coworker sent me this link and I then created it.
I found a template online and then added the appropriate artwork and information. Also because I couldn't remember how to fold one I added instructions from here.

Since I don't know everything about Divergent I made a blank copy so that the teens could fill in what they wanted fortunes to be. 

Have fun and good fortunes to all!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Graphic Novel: Csejte

I took a free course online about graphic novels. It was a wonderful experience, in which I learned a lot. Besides just doing papers on excerpts of comics (which I haven't written a paper in a long time), we also did a short graphic novel for the class. Mine was called Csejte, after the place where Elizabeth Báthory, the 1600's women who killed young girls for their blood to maintain her beauty. (True story)
I have a lot more to this story in my head and I would like to do something with it. I only had a week left to work on it so I had to cut it short and make it a cliffhanger kinda. The experience of working on this comic made me work out some of the issues with the story and hear feedback from around the world. I will more than likely redo this at some point, but I thought I should share what I did for the class here. Also, I don't know why, but everytime I do a graphic novel the title page is in another language.

Check out the story after the break.