Monday, July 22, 2013

Come Back Little Sheba : Secondary Characters

Here is the final installment of the Come Back Little Sheba 

Turk is the boyfriend of Marie while she is at college. He is a javelin thrower and not the brightest. 

He later poses for Marie so she can draw him, while he is in his javelin uniform.

Bruce is Marie's boyfriend from home. He is a rich and very business orientated.

The last character is Ed Anderson who is one of the AA men who comes to the rescue.

Come Back Little Sheba Costume Design: Marie

Marie is the young renter living in Lola and Doc's house. She is very young and free spirited. Her fashion is very up to date and she is reminiscent of a pin up girl.
Her first outfit is described as a pink nightgown and pink fuzzy pumps.

She has a couple flowy outfits throughout the play.

Her final outfit is her boldest and she is fully in bloom.