Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Common Ground : Shot 3 / Shot 7 / Shot 11

We this week we had 3 shots to get through. These shots revolve around the bench and the bus stop part of our set. We thought we would try to do some time-lapses also using my computers webcam. They aren't the best quality but they do show how we work and how towards the end we get really excited about be animators.

Time-lapse for our scene 3

Waiting for bus

A dark alley?

Matt made me a sandwich how nice of him. 

Cinnamon toast crunch?

The big picture for scene 3

Bus stop sign

Setting up Scene 7

Butch napping under papers

Matt gave me a sandwich but I made it moldy

the beginnings of a firetruck

Matt with the firetruck (1st version)

The Animator for shot 11 Matthew Weener

We will be reshooting part of shot 11 with a better more updated firetruck. I just ran out of time to make things with my graphic novel, a film shoot a whole day, and closing the library 3 nights in a row.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Illustration Friday: Shades

This week I ran out of time quite literally. I have been awake for basically 40 hours with a 1 hour nap. Anyways I still was able to get some sketches done for this week while I was at work. I did a rough pen drawing and added a vintage wall paper print from Lost and Taken.
This first one is the one I decided to go with but I will add my other sketches to show my other ideas.

Another Banjo Pig up on the Banjo Pig website

I remember to check out the banjo Pig website and saw my wire pig was on there.
Check it out it's pretty cool. I was bored and had some extra time one day and found that I wanted to make another banjo pig so there it happened.
Heres the link to check it out : http://banjopigs.blogspot.com/2012/03/cara-bolley-wire-pigs.html

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Common Ground: Shot 8 & 9

So last week was spring break so I didn't get my post from the previous weeks accomplishments up. I promised myself I would do nothing but relax this spring break and not stress about my projects. Which was a great idea, because now I'm relaxed, rested, and ready for the next 7 weeks that are going to be on a very tight schedule. Anyways, before I left on break we finished two more shots. I'll be putting up pictures of that process to show this and some of my editing I'm doing in the computer as I pull all the scenes together.
Termination notices of a variety of sizes

notes for post production

My graphic novel taking over my work space

Allen's very depressing day

Your fired

Working on the over the shoulder shot

Everyone else working on their Jr. Projects

Deleting and renumbering frames for shot 5

fixing minor mistakes and masking in after effects for shot 5

Deleting frames and renumbering for shot 9

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Illustration Friday: Intention

So viewing other illustration friday works I decided to try adding a line that makes it fit the topic. I also tried using the pointillism brush in photoshop and went a more children's art style.

Alice had every intention of squishing the scorpion.
However she noticed he had a grandfather like face.
Grandfather scorpion on the other hand had the intention to sting.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Common Ground: Shot 2/ Shot 5

So we have gotten two more shots out of the way this week. I've got some more behind the scenes pictures again this week. We have also learned the hard way to be extra gentle with your puppets or else they will break. Butch busted his wrist and need a replacement. Thankfully I have wonderful molds and could easily make a new arm for him in only a couple of days. The setup of the silicon was what took so much time. Since I was pouring butch's hands I made an extra pair for Allen too.
Another exciting thing this week was Tom Gasek's visit to campus. He's an amazing stop motion animator, and he gave us a workshop on how to animate. Our shot 5 shows his influence in it for sure. Also he gave very useful tips for grip work before animating and for demo reels. I'm so thankful he came and gave us such useful info.
I also went to a lecture of Mark Kennedy, an disney story artist, at ball state this week. He gave a very informative presentation for the creation of story. I even found out he got his start in stop motion also.
So now I leave you with the photos from this week.
Mike diligently working

Allen taking a break

I made a manhole cover


Mike animating

Me and Mike working on the shot

Mike trying to decide what the next frame should look like

Off to work

Whats that?

Allen sees something

dynamic posing

There is an up cropping of hands

hands can be used as a palette too

Butch's broken wrist

first to comment wins a special prize

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Illustration Friday: Capable

The theme for Illustration friday this week was capable. I wanted to do water color again and have always been influenced by the sciences. In fact I was going to be an engineer, but once I got to Calc I, I decided I didn't want to do this with the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong I love math and I'm really actually good at it (in fact I have 11 credits of Math I earned before even getting to college). I just fell in love with animation and didn't go on to become an engineer. Anyways here is my submission.