Monday, May 27, 2013

Animation Timelapse: Curio

I made some time lapses of the animation of a couple of shots.
The first one is a couple of shots I did in a row. These are all the mirror shots from the locker scenes.

This lapse is of the second shot in the stop motion world. There is a lens shift and I also decided to change the camera set up and after blocking. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Drawer Boy

My first designs for my costume design class were for the play the Drawer Boy.
We were to design costumes for one scene and have at least one rendering of the characters.

First there is the farmer Morgan who is all about getting work done and making sure Angus is ok.
Next is Angus, who is a old man who has memory problems. He lives on the farm with his friend Morgan.

The last character is Miles who is a playwright staying on the farm for the summer to learn about farm life for his most recent play.

These were my first attempt at designing for a stage production. I wasn't given much direction and was told to go with what I thought was right. It was a good start to the year and I learned alot from just jumping right in and trying to design. When I got to Four I had the confidence to complete the project and the direction taught later in the class. Soon I will be finshing up my design for Come Back Little Sheba.