Saturday, September 18, 2010

storyboard character design

Name: Zeus
Favorite food: Vegetarian food
Favorite Hobby: Throwing lightning
Biggest Fear: sheep
Favorite Place to Sleep: on a cloud
Where does he live: Mt. Olympus
Favorite TV show: The Roy Rogers Show
Favorite obnoxious sound: imitation shooting noises
Backstory Paragraph (see vacant Planet): Zeus is an die hard fan of westerns and animal rights. Having little to do with his parents and raise in a cave he seeks to help those who are less fortunate.
Dominant character trait: Beard and Muscles
Where they grew up: In a cave
Kind of Parents: His father ate all his siblings out of fear of being dethroned but his mother wanted to save her child so switched out Zeus with a bundled rock to save him
What's the best thing that ever happened to them: Once caught as many as 100 hunters i one day to try to save the now extinct unicorn
The worst thing that ever happened to them. Was attacked by a sheep one day while catching hunters and ran away. This lead to the extinction of unicorns.

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