Monday, December 13, 2010


So it's the infamous finals week here at huntington. Dun Dun Dun! And the start of many late nights has begun.  I've already seen one person pull out 3 cans of energy drinks and a bag of pizza roll and it's only like 1. Our school also sponsors study breaks which the main draw is that their is going to be free food and a puppy. I know it's sad but we are college students and little things like that get us excited. As of now I'm finishing my roller coaster for 3D animation 1. I'm shooting some renders with motion blur and I basically hate them. Motion blur makes everything look so low quality, but oh well. My next thing to do is to create a playblast of my animation. This project has been really fun despite all the work and time it has required. I even am okay with Maya now I don't hate it anymore. Anyhow after this I have to work on this sign that I was supposed to be working on all semester. I'm starting it today and it's due tonight at 6:30. I'll get it done on time I've got a lot of time to work on this 3D is my only exam tomorrow anyways. After I get all that done I have to make a briefcase out of wireframe for one of my film friends motion graphic's projects. I told them I could get it done by tomorrow night, here's hoping. Also as of this moment I'm surrounded by technology. As I'm rendering my shots on the computer which has two monitors, I'm writing this. The catch is I'm using my laptop in front of the other screens due to the startup disk being low on memory on the computer. So I have two keyboards and two mice in front of me. Note this is extremely difficult for me. I keep forgetting which one goes to which. When I start rendering my playblast I'm probably am going to start working on my sign in maya on my laptop. Now thats multitasking. Well anyways I've gotta start working on things I'm actually getting graded for.
Here's my renders. Maybe I'll add my playblast later.

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