Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to School

So the school year is starting and It's my Junior Year! Guess what that means. JUNIOR PROJECT!!!! anyways we had pitches on the first day of class which I pitched a story called Lydia. This was not picked which I'm actually kinda glad cause I was nervous about being a in charge of a story my first time out.
Here's some story beats from the pitch

And a little concept design

I will however be working on a project which was pitched as lifeless and is going to be a stop motion but that all I'm going to tell about it. I am on one of the two person teams with Mike Ackerman, who is an fabulous animator, so the final product should be pretty good. 
My teacher does want me to go back to my pitch for my senior year but with a more refined story.
So here's to the new school year, may it have lots of great animations.
And Good Luck to everyone else as they start their school year.

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