Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I'm currently in a costume design class for theatre.
Here is what i recently did for they play Four.

Four by Christoher Shinn is a challenging play that explores human relationships and desires with the backdrop the fourth of July fireworks. They all are interconnected without necessarily being physically connected. It's their differences and inability to accept each other that make them feel alone and separated from everyone. The play builds up to the point where everyone stops and watches the fireworks.

The first Character we meet is June, who is described as a young white boy wearing a t-shirt.
He is very conflicted with his sexuality, hiding from his family and peers that he is gay. He is the type of teenage trying hard to blend into the background and not be noticed.

 Next we meet Abigayle, a young black girl, who is specified as wearing a pink nightgown. She very involved in her studies and thoughts. She has a passion and strive that no other character posses. From this fact she is the only character to dressed in mostly warm colors. She later changes when she leaves her house and requires a costume change.

After that Joe comes into the play. He is Abigayle's father, but is never in a scene with her. In the timeframe of the play Joe is with June, lying to his family about where he is. He is very happy man on the outside, but is really very troubled on the inside. He is detailed as wearing a sweater and slacks and being a middle aged black man. Since he talks so much about america and being patriotic his outfit is the only one that has all three elements of red white and blue.
Finally we meet Dexter, who is a half white half puerto rican boy, who is said to be wearing baggy clothes and a baseball hat. He loves basketball, so his shoes are a bright warm color to match that passion. His clothes are a reflection of his want to be accepted by anyone, so he tries to dress like everyone in his neighborhood.

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