Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Forever and a Day

So I have not posted in a long time. There was a time that if you didn't post for this long of period I would take you off of my friend's blog list. Now I'm that person. Why you ask? Well I moved back home where I don't have internet. It's not that bad life, without internet, I get more accomplished. The other thing is I GOT A JOB. Like a real one, with benefits and being important and stuff. I was also working at the ice cream shop like I have done forever, because why not, I get free ice cream.

Where is my real job you ask? My local library, of course. Yes, Brodrick you were right, I am destined to be a librarian. Right now I don't qualify as a librarian, I will have to go back to school to get a masters in library science. I've been looking into it and can't decide between that and going to get a masters in animation/puppet building. I love both! I work in the youth services, so I get to be artsy and make stuff all the time for events. Also, I know I'm helping kids want to read and learn about their world. On the other hand, I really miss puppet building. I went back to Huntington to visit and got to help a bit with pouring some puppet heads and I was reminded how much I love building puppets. The two are really different, but could work together. So I don't know what I'm going to do. The library route would be the safe way to go, especially since I can do it online and live at home, so I won't have rent and such worries. The puppet route isn't as sure, but it could be amazing. I'm not even sure I can make it into the school I'm looking at, but I kind of want to try. The worst thing about the puppet route would be I wouldn't be able to keep the awesome job I already have, and who knows if I will get that lucky again.

Anyways, I grabbed a couple pictures of the stuff I made at work, shown later in this post. Also, I've been working on the teen website along with the Youth librarian (yeah, she is a real librarian unlike me), to make it useful and fun. It's DPLS FUZE, so check it out!

You can't win the R2D2, this was the only picture I found of it before it was given away as a prize. Sorry!

I only did the paint job for the body and made the two legs for the R2D2 cutout. Someone else had already cut out the body and made outlines for where to paint on the details. I was given white fingerpaint for this and it too hours to finish it so that you couldn't see the cardboard through the paint. I think it turned out well despite that. 

These were croquet mallets for the alice in wonderland party. This photo was taken after they were used outside, had I know that was a possiblity I would have made them a bit sturdier. This was basically made of just paper, tape and markers. The feet were also felt, but I don't have a picture of them.

Anyways. I'm currently working on crochet Anna and Elsa dolls (from a pattern) for our upcoming Frozen event. And I have lots of photos of stuff I've been doing and just haven't gotten around to posting. 

Til next time BYE!

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