Friday, April 1, 2011

49 hours competition

So there is this competition through Indianapolis that is for animation. There are 5 teams from the University that are competing in this. So I'm super excited. I wanted to stop motion but I just really wanted to be involved and get some experience. My group is the VBAMF!. It's our initials what were you thinking it meant? Anyways, tommarrow we will be given a theme at 6p.m. and then we have til sunday at 7 p.m. to post our animation on vimeo. So this will be a lot of work but worth it. The film department is videoing us working and doing interviews and a documentary on the whole process. That should be interesting too. So I should get to bed soon since I have such a busy weekend coming up. I'll go to bed when I finish my sophomore review demo reel it's exporting at this moment. So I think it is done and I'm going to get to bed now.

Here is the demo reel. Yeah It's basically stuff that was already on here but I thought it might be nice to put up

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