Friday, February 24, 2012

Common Ground: Shot 1

So we are into the actual animation of our Jr. project now. Mike  did the animation and I worked with the camera rig. We have a pan up that we use a Kessler gear cineslider for. We have also used a focus shift and a roll up of the camera so it looks pretty spiffy. This is our first shot of the entire film  and it introduces the entire thing to the audience, so it has to be amazing. So far we have shot the A roll and will be shooting B roll tomorrow. We are using A and B roll since we also incorporated a fade in of the title, which is made of punch out letters from dafont. The author of this font is Tobias Sommer.

Anyways I'd like to add some more behind the scenes photos from the start of Spring semester until now.
working on butch's jacket

banjo pig still sticking around (not actually a part of the film)

Allen is basically done

Matt Nelson = Allan?

A better Beard

Banjo Pig still jamming

Diann loves Butch!

The front steps

getting closer

the underground

working on lighting  Mike Shick and Keifer

the apartment

ready to shoot
So actually starting to shoot makes the whole project become so exciting once again. Can't wait to share the final product.

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  1. This is so awesome!!! Your project is sweet and the lighting and everything looks great but your puppets are simply fantastic! Keep up the great work Cara!!