Thursday, April 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Common Ground: Animation Complete!!!!!!

So we just wrapped on our final shot for Common Ground earlier today. Well I guess it's yesterday now since it is past midnight now. I've kinda fallen back on the blog post lately since I've been focusing on getting these last few shots done. So I'll be adding the photos from the past couple of shots.

Working on edging pieces

the building with the edging

The shape of the bus by Matthew Weener and I've started on carving out the windows

my graffiti and trash can

Awning (for some reason the whole time I worked on it I couldn't think of this word)

The bus all finished

ready to shoot shot 4

Diann Malcolm painting my firetruck

The finished firetruck

Shot 13 in progress

The beginnings of the fire scene

Darkening the thomas cole painting

the painting looks so interesting this way

Debris and ash on the steps

I think the firetruck is slacking off

The painting burned

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