Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Common Ground : Shot 3 / Shot 7 / Shot 11

We this week we had 3 shots to get through. These shots revolve around the bench and the bus stop part of our set. We thought we would try to do some time-lapses also using my computers webcam. They aren't the best quality but they do show how we work and how towards the end we get really excited about be animators.

Time-lapse for our scene 3

Waiting for bus

A dark alley?

Matt made me a sandwich how nice of him. 

Cinnamon toast crunch?

The big picture for scene 3

Bus stop sign

Setting up Scene 7

Butch napping under papers

Matt gave me a sandwich but I made it moldy

the beginnings of a firetruck

Matt with the firetruck (1st version)

The Animator for shot 11 Matthew Weener

We will be reshooting part of shot 11 with a better more updated firetruck. I just ran out of time to make things with my graphic novel, a film shoot a whole day, and closing the library 3 nights in a row.

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  1. That sandwich is legit! I wish sandwiches looked like that in real life. :D