Thursday, May 3, 2012

Common Ground: Wrap Up

So we are on our final week of production. Friday at 10 is our deadline, so here is hoping. Right now the reel has been turned over to Matt Nelson for sound. I'm working on making smoke, which was the only thing I've animated this semester. We took our set down today also. This is such a sad, yet happy feeling. I'll see all my props and sets again in a year when i set them up for senior gallery.

Our wrap up todo list

Mike's poster pose

tear down, Nelson is actually helping not just photo bombing

Take 1 

Animating Smoke

No longer my home (Matt Nelson's set is in the front and the one in back is Johan Leev's)

My poor set in storage

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  1. Poor set... It was the heart of the third floor! But I can't wait to see Common Ground. I already know it's going to be legit, even before I see it. :D